Read a cover feature on Kit Glaisyer in the Bridport Times magazine September 2018.

Kit is currently based at 11 Downes Street, Bridport, Dorset, UK DT6 3JR

Between November 2016 to november 2017 he had a project space at the Garden Gallery, Bath.

Kit Glaisyer's mesmerizing West Dorset landscape paintings bring a contemporary twist to the traditional genre of the romantic landscape. Most of his paintings take at least six months to create, using oil on linen, built up using multiple glazes to capture the subtle and sublime character of this unique corner of Wessex.

Glaisyer grew up in an isolated village in North Dorset, in an ancient landscape of rolling hills, deep valleys, dark woods and rugged farmland. Without a television in the house, he would instead explore the local countryside, and from an early age went out landscape painting alongside his father.

After Art College in Bournemouth and Farnham, Glaisyer moved to London in the early 90's, first working as a figurative painter and then developing an Abstract language of painting after seeing the Gerhard Richter, "Painting in the 90's" exhibition at Anthony D'Offay Gallery in 1995. 

Glaisyer then moved back to Dorset in 1998, first to the Oakhayes Art Residency in Symondsbury, and then to the town of Bridport the following year. Inspired by the local countryside he returned once again to landscape painting, drawing strongly from his childhood memories and exploring deep into the locality to produce his distinctive new series of landscape paintings.

Since 2007 Glaisyer has fashioned his ideal working method that involves focusing for several months on a series of major paintings, each of which are based on preparatory sketches, photographs and collages inspired by locations within a 10 mile radius of his studio. This approach allows Glaisyer to maintain a level of excellence in his practice, often returning to familiar locations in series of paintings that follow nature through the seasons.

You can view this series of cinematic Dorset landscapes here.

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