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Alternative Realities: Fringe Arts Bath

"Alternative Realities" is a group exhibition of half a dozen artists including painting, sculpture, installation and video art inspired by memory, popular media, classical art, history and imagination evoking utopian or mystical visions of subjective alternative realities. Artists include: Kit Glaisyer, Ellie Preston, Jon Adam, Paul Newman, Kate Genevieve and Dan Bendel.

Dan Bendel lives in Bristol, and constructs animated realities in various mediums that are often in a state of flux. His practice includes interactive installations, wearable sculptures, drawings and collaborative carvings.

Ellie Preston lives in West Bay, Dorset, and creates paintings that combine elements of art history, pop culture, film and photography with disparate personal associations to form elusive but compelling narratives.

Kit Glaisyer lives in Bath and Bridport, and explores a heightened natural reality: his landscape paintings are informed by ideas of the Romantic and the Sublime: a utopian reality drawn from direct experience of nature, enhanced by childhood memories, and informed by grand fictional tropes and their cinematic interpretations. 

Martha Moopette lives in Bridport, Dorset, and makes humorous, surreal and faux-naïve pop videos and films peopled with herself and her family, with hand-made sets, often within her own domestic setting.

Jon Adam lives in West Bay, Dorset, and works in oil on canvas and board, exploring non-figurative mark-making to construct a parallel space for extrapolating intangible emotions and metaphysical ideas.

Paul Newman lives in Castle Carey and creates monochrome graphite works where nature is explored primarily through the elements or wood, stone, water and air. His Zen-like drawings evoke a parallel experience of reality through a form of meditation that is then transcribed with patience and simplicity.


The Garden Flat Gallery is a new art space at 48 Great Pulteney Street, in Bath, run by artist Kit Glaisyer as both a Gallery and working studio. It will be open from 12-4pm for the 17 days of the Fringe Arts Festival.